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Tropical Square Dance Crisis Press Kit

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Fact Sheet


Tropical Square Dance Crisis is a love letter to old school, fast paced arcade puzzle games and is the first game from the Half Sour team. You play as a strange little alien that must fight off never-ending waves of fruit using nothing but a boomerang and your wits. It features a cute and quirky pixel art look and an addictive original soundtrack that blends chip tuney flavors with a Bossa Nova back. The story follows the main character through an series of adventures following a crash landing on a tropical island. Each location offers slightly different challenges, though the main mechanic of color matching and swapping remains the same. It offers a beginner mode for the more casual, a merciless expert mode for the hardcore, and a slew of Game Center achievements for the completist. For the deeper player, there are a number of challenging mechanics and bonuses that can be used to maximize score while flirting with disaster.

Screenshots and Image Assets

These assets are available for download as a single zip file.

Original Soundtrack

View on SoundCloud

The soundtrack contains original compositions by Tyler Walker in a chip tune meets Bossa Nova style. It is available free of charge on SoundCloud


  • Luke Tucker Game Design, Programming, Visual Art
  • Tyler Walker Original Music, Sound Design
  • Jennifer Suh Game Design, Testing

About Half Sour

Half Sour is a tiny independent game studio founded in 2015. Our games are challenging, silly, strange and ultimately an expression of what we want to play as gamers ourselves. We value craftsmanship, quirkiness, and all the all the little things that make a game feel just right.